Zen Mount in Production

Zen Mount, a first-of-its-kind telescoping digital gadget mount has begun a first production run in anticipation of a successful Kickstarter campaign that blasts off on September 13, 2017. The Zen Mount serves unique positioning needs of content creators, the workforce, students, musicians, culinary artists and anyone else  who uses an iPad, table, mobile telephone, GoPro or SLR camera or any other gadget that is used for entertainment, education or communication.

The Zen Mount also transforms into a solid and sturdy standing desk for anyone wanting to reap the health benefits of standing position for a portion of their work day.

Zen Mount was engineered with ease-of-use and optimal versatility in mind to address specific and unique-to-the-user positioning that is made possible by the Zen Mount Simul-Lock ™ that provides unprecedented ease and optimized positioning.

Since its first iteration that used wire cables to control the locking and unlocking of the two swivel balls at each end of the telescopic arm, the company went back to the drawing board to create a one-click, one-hand, telescoping mount with an expanded range of motion and easier operability.

Zen Mount is a patented technology that achieves simultaneous locking of the two ball joints. The final design iteration is based on translating a rotary motion of an internal shaft to a linear motion that creates high forces against a steel ball joint to prevent movement.

The mount locks both ball joints simultaneously at any telescopic arm length with not one but two threaded all shafts sustained by torsion and able to collapse and expand with the telescoping movement of the arm.  All components were designed on Solidworks 3D CAD, compatible with the manufacturing processes to eliminate errors between design intent and the final product.

The Zen Mount creative team looked into mechanical connections including a relatively complex gearing system but ultimately decided on a simple drive pin design that interlocks the control knob and drive shaft so the knob and shaft turn together with one twist of the control knob. The final design incorporates the unique solution of using a cam and brake lever system.

In time for next week’s Kickstarter launch, Zen Mount improved the original design to systems to anchor the arm and adapters, at the opposite end, to accommodate the numerous devices that could benefit from Zen Mounts positional capabilities.

Zen Mount has ensured optimal manufacturability of its arm assembly and accessories and enhanced performance and durability of its product by use of high quality engineered molded resin, stainless steel where exceptional strength is needed and high-grade aluminum where strength and weight are a factor.

Zen Mount has created adapters and functionalities that are specifically geared to users of digital technologies such as laptops, tablets, Smart phones, DSLR cameras, GoPro and other video recording devices, video monitors and other personal electronics that weigh under 5-pounds.

In preparation for successful manufacturing funding through the Kickstarter process, Zen Mount has selected vendors based on capabilities to immediately begin production of Zen Mount parts at specific dimensional tolerances needed for optimal functioning.

Zen Mount metal parts are made by CNC machining or extrusions. Plastic parts are made from precision steel injection molds that were machined using the original Solidworks 3D data.

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