Risks and Challenges of Investing in Zen Mount

The Zen Mount prototype has been finalized and successfully tested. We have completed a sample production run to iron-out any technical or production glitches.

We have addressed most of the risks inherent in early production. We need to further assess future production as it relates to scale of market response. Vendors have been secured to immediately turnkey production of 1,500 units.

If Kickstarter response is greater than 3,000, then we will need to adjust scheduling with suppliers and manufacturer(s). Our current production partners are capable of ramping up for mass production as that need arises.

We envision large scale assembly to take place in the United States with on-site quality control. We will undertake all requisite risks associated with personnel, warehousing and fulfillment as we scale-up production. We are aware that at this juncture we will need to secure liability insurance and workman’s comp insurance at an added operational cost.

We realize that as with any new product that there is a risk of copycats and we have protected ourselves legally with trademarks and patents to our existing technology and will continue to do so with updated verisions of our product(s).


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