Want to Join our Adventure? Here are the Pledge Levels!

Many Kickstarter campaigns start with a concept that needs to be developed, prototyped, tested, improve and then finally brought to market. We’ve been there, done that (well, most of it, we’ve been running operations with money from friends, family and uh hum . . . ourselves). But, we’re ahead of the curve.  We’ve patented our mount. Sourced our materials and local assemblers who will get to work as soon as we have reached our Kickstarter goal.  In fact, our first batch for super early bird orders is already in progress.

Our Zen Mount has gone through a few iterations and is now ready to take the gadget world by the ca-ho-nes because seriously, there’s nothing like our Zen Mount anywhere. For anyone who spends any time on any mobile or digital device anywhere — when you see how awesome the Zen Mount is and how it makes using your gadgets easier leading to more comfort, productivity or creativity — we know you’ll be in.

Delivery:  February 1, 2018 FOB Los Angeles

Here are the Reward levels:



  • Basic Zen Mount plus one bonus device adapter ($20 value)
  • Basic Kickstarter price: $99 (Expected Retail $149)


  • Deluxe Kickstarter price: $199 (Expected Retail $299)
  • ZM Arm
  • 4 adapters (in a solid line boundary with label “All”)
  • 3 bases (in a solid line boundary with label “All”)
  • Padded road case

Super Deluxe

  • 10-Pak Bundle
    • Price: Kickstarter $899 (below, smaller font – Expected Retail $1490)
    • Basic Set x 10


  • ZM Main Arm ($70)
  • Any Adapter ($15)
  • Any Base ($15)
  • Padded road case ($30)

To pledge for multiples of a reward tier just multiply the quantity by the reward price.

Add the quantity then multiply by the price of you add-on to get your final sum.